Magnetic Marketing: Unpacking Pain and Passion to Grow

Dr. Delicia Haynes started her own practice, Family First Health Center in Daytona Beach, Florida right out of residency and after experiencing the woes of the fee-for-service insurance model she transformed her clinic to direct primary care. She shares her story of becoming a physician, her passion for mental health, revealing her personal struggles with clinical depression and why she does what she does. Dr. Haynes illustrates how authentic marketing begins with revealing your low point and how that defines what you do now. 

Tell Your DPC Story!


Mountain Top - Who You Are Now

  • Your Accomplishments
  • What You Are Known For
  • Why You Stand Out
  • What You Are Celebrated For
  • The Attraction

Valley - Low Point / Struggle

  • A struggle or challenge you were faced with
  • A belief you had based on the circumstance you were facing
  • A pain you had to overcome
  • Can you stand ON it without standing IN it?


Mountain Top - What You Do Because of Your Valley

  • Struggles turned to strengths
  • Challenges that molded you to this place in life
  • The calling on your life
  • The inspiration you bring



Dr. Haynes goes on to acknowledge that for some of your low points, you may not yet be ready to reveal because you are still in the midst of processing it all and it is important to speak to it from a standpoint of having overcome it rather than still dealing with it. She encourages you to unpack your emotions and provides guidance on how to tell your story.