Health Care House of Cards: A System Ripe for Disruption Keynote from Hint Summit 2021 led by Marshall Allen

With an estimated 46 million Americans unable to afford health care that they need, the current system is ripe for disruption. Marshall Allen, a former minister, investigative journalist, and teacher turned author explores the moral and ethical reasons for disrupting the healthcare system.

Allen is the author of “Never Pay the First Bill,” which addresses cruelty in health care, unjustifiable prices, and more. In this keynote discussion from Hint Summit 2021, Allen illustrates the problems that individuals and employers face from the lack of price transparency, overcharging and underserving, and additional other exploitative practices, along with what to do about them. 

Become an informed patient, doctor, and provider and see how you can be a change agent for this essential shift of the healthcare industry.