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Direct Primary Care Best Practices & Resources

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Recap: Virtual DPC Q&A with Dr.Erika Bliss & Lauren Tancredi

Dr. Erika Bliss of Equinox Primary Care in Seattle explains how she has been delivering virtual care during the COVID-19...

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Tags: Patient Perspectives, Medical Practice Management

Embedding Patient Satisfaction in Direct Primary Care
A healthy patient may be the goal, but a happy patient is also one who will remain loyal to your practice. So while direct...
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Tags: Patient Perspectives, Physician Stories

Direct Primary Care Can Treat the Whole Patient

DPC doctors are asking, “What matters?” And they are finding that this question leads to new, integrative treatment approaches.

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Tags: Patient Perspectives, Medical Practice Management

Re-Thinking Data's Role in Direct Primary Care

Although data and EMRs have been a source of frustration for doctors, Direct Primary Care physicians are re-thinking how they...

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Tags: Patient Perspectives, Medical Practice Management

The Importance of Centering Your Practice on Patient Wellness

Sarah Monahan is a wearer of many hats—and that’s an understatement. On LinkedIn, she describes herself as an adaptable...

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Tags: Concierge Medicine, Direct Primary Care, Patient Perspectives,

Why DPC?: Insights from the patients who stayed.

Nearly all of the patients I spoke with recount some variation of the same story when asked about their initial reactions to...

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Tags: Direct Primary Care, Patient Perspectives, Medical Coverage

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