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Online Sign-up Improvements: Multiple Contracts & E-Signatures

by Dan Slate
Aug 3, 2018 5:16:39 PM

Many of our customers have told us they need more flexibility to customize the contracts they require members to agree to when signing up for a membership. Here’s what we learned from listening to you:

  • Supporting a single membership agreement is not enough: Many of you told us you have a number of different agreements you require patients to accept. Without support for this in Hint you had to manage it with paper forms and track it separately.
  • More control over how patients accept agreements: You told us simply checking a box to indicate acceptance may not always stand up in disputes. It was important that we offer you more flexibility in how you choose to require acceptance of agreements.
  • Make requesting acceptance of agreements after online sign-up easier: Your agreements might change over time. Not every patient signs up for a membership online. We learned that Hint didn’t support requesting agreement acceptance for these cases very elegantly.
  • Better tracking on how an agreement was accepted: For audit purposes, we learned that you needed Hint to provide more transparency into how and when an agreement was accepted, as well as who exactly accepted it.


Solving these problems with our new contract management feature! We recently released a series of updates to address these needs and allow you to use Hint to manage all the contracts and agreements you use to run your practice.

Support for multiple agreements

We’ve added a new section called “Documents” to the Admin menu to manage your documents and agreements. We now support the ability to add as many agreements as you need. We support uploading PDF agreements, linking to an existing page on your website where you display an agreement, or entering the agreement content as plain text. Each agreement can also be configured in the following ways:

  • Custom agreement name
  • Display in online sign-up
  • Require in online sign-up

Support for e-signatures

With this update, we’ve also added a new way for patients to accept an agreement. We now allow you to require the patient to type their name in order to accept an agreement. You can configure this for each individual agreement. Learn how to configure e-signatures here.


Trigger an email to a member to require agreement acceptance

We’ve added the ability to trigger an email to a member with a link to a page where they can review and accept any agreements that are outstanding or that have changed since the patient last accepted them. Just look for the “Request acceptance by email” in the upper right of the Agreements section of the main patient details screen. When you click this link, an email will be auto-generated to the email address on file. That email will have a link that takes the patient to a page where they can review and accept all outstanding agreements. They’ll also be able to see agreements they’ve accepted previously.


Detailed information on how an agreement was accepted

When an agreement is accepted, we now display much more information about who, how, and when that agreement was accepted. Specifically, you can now see:

  • Who accepted the agreement (the member themselves vs. your staff)
  • When the agreement was accepted
  • Where the agreement was accepted (online sign-up vs. accepted within Hint by your staff)
  • How the agreement was accepted (checking a box vs. typing their name)
  • Information about the device on which the agreement was accepted


Have questions or feedback about any of this? Let us know at support@hint.com!

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